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Learn how to choose the best hair dryer and see for using it right

 Are you a fan of the brush, but you still don't understand the big difference between the different types of hair dryers? We will explain! For more references, check out: hot air brush


Your old dryer broke down and, when buying a new one, were you confused by so many options on the market? You have no idea which is the best hair dryer? Calm! The technology exists to make your life easier.


So, before buying the most beautiful dryer in the store or the cheapest one you can find on the market, know that characteristics such as power and temperature must be the first to be taken into account when making a decision - they even influence the result of that styling brush that you make every week.


Then, understand the benefits that features like negative ions, infrared rays and ceramic nozzle bring to your wires and decide whether or not they are worth a higher investment.


Best hair dryer: after all, what is the power for?


Power is nothing more than the force of the air jet. It is measured in watts, but in practice, just know that the higher the power, the faster the drying. Dryers with power above 1800W, for example, are already considered professional.


But it is good to know: the power influences the temperature. Dryers with power up to 1900W, for example, reach 140 ° C. Others, with a power of 2400W, arrive easily at 180 ° C.


Therefore, power is one of the main items to be considered when choosing a dryer. Of course, the best hair dryer varies according to the needs of those who use it, but generally the faster the drying of the hair is, the better, right?


The importance of the right temperature

Are you the type who makes a styling brush every week? Then choose models with temperature and speed regulation. The higher the temperature the appliance reaches, the easier it is to make the brush . But be careful: remember that, when using the dryer, it cannot be so hot as not to damage the scalp and length.


And don't forget to finish the hairstyle with a jet of cold air to close the cuticles (outermost layer of the hair shaft), ok? There are options on the market that do not offer the cold air jet, so this is another item to be aware of.


If you just use the appliance for regular drying, without styling, straightening or curling your hair, medium temperature dryers are sufficient.

Is size a document?

No, size is not a document. There are small dryers, which have different power and different temperature settings. Size matters when the choice is based on a device to carry in the suitcase. Then, the smaller the better!


Tourmaline , negative ions, titanium, ceramic nozzle: which one to choose?


Tourmaline is a type of mineral that potentiates negative ions and, therefore, helps to make the hair shine . If you often complain about opaque wires, maybe a hairdryer with this feature is a good option for you!


Dryers with negative ions also help to decrease the static electricity of the hair and, consequently, decrease the frizz . If the appliance has a ceramic nozzle, it also helps to dry the wires without removing the natural moisture from the hair.


Titanium-coated dryers are good options for women with sensitive scalp, as this type of appliance emits a jet of cold air with less bacteria and fungi.


Have you ever heard of infrared rays? This feature is ideal for women with strands damaged by dye and discoloration.